Dress Up - Red Carpet App Reviews

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Cool ist echt toll

Red Carpet


It is nice to play and accurate

Thanks for letting us have fun

Its fabulous!

This game is the meaning of fun! I know you only get 1 model to design on but its really cool! You should try it! Im sure youre gonna like it!

Good but can be better

This is a good game it is fun but it can be bad


Love this game. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is awesome

This game is so cool

Red carpet

Red carpet has the best things there Are the best if you try it you will like it


It is the best


I love this games Im not trying to be a party popper but the one thing I hate about red carpet is that only one model is unlocked and u have to pay for they other ones like I dont want to pay for things like I was so happy wen I got it cause it was free

Red Carpet!

Dress her up do her makeup! Have fun!! By: Suzi Caruso

Really fun but sad

I love the game but to PAY for the other models stupid and sad thats why I am angry with the game but its really fun to dress her for the oscars


Its fun but I have to pay for the other models to unlock them.

Princess :):):):):):):)/););$;$:$:

I love this game


I LOVE this game but i totally agree why do you have to pay for the other models?!


I love it but it would be more fun if we did not have to pay for the other models but they make great photos for contacts!

Game rate

Would be better if you didnt have to buy more models. And if there were more models!


This is a awesome game


This game is good at the beggining but gets kind of boring after a while


Molto bello per me

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